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Sypen Stylus Pen – The Ultimate Multi-Function Pen

Sypen Stylus Pen – The Ultimate Multi-Function Pen

Sypen Stylus Pen – The Ultimate Multi-Function Pen

Introducing the Sypen Stylus Pen, the perfect tool for all your writing and touchscreen needs. This innovative pen combines three essential functions into one sleek and stylish design. Whether you’re at home, work, or in a medical setting, the Sypen Stylus Pen is the ultimate companion.

Key Features

1. Ballpoint Pen

The Sypen Stylus Pen features a high-quality ballpoint pen that writes smoothly and effortlessly. With its durable ink, you can trust this pen to deliver crisp and clear lines every time. Whether you’re taking notes, signing documents, or jotting down ideas, the ballpoint pen is a reliable tool.

2. Capacitive Stylus

Designed for touchscreen devices, the capacitive stylus allows for precise and accurate navigation. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or any other touchscreen device, the Sypen Stylus Pen provides a smooth and responsive touch experience. Say goodbye to fingerprints and smudges on your screen.

3. LED Flashlight

Equipped with a built-in LED flashlight, the Sypen Stylus Pen is perfect for any situation. Whether you need to find something in a dark room or navigate through a dimly lit area, the LED flashlight provides a bright and reliable source of light. It’s a handy tool to have in your pocket.

4. Medical Pen Light

For doctors and nurses, the Sypen Stylus Pen is an essential tool. With its medical pen light feature, you can easily examine patients’ eyes, ears, throat, and more. The pen light provides a focused and bright light that is perfect for medical examinations. It’s a must-have for any medical professional.


  • Package includes: 12 Sypen Stylus Pens
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Material: High-quality metal
  • Size: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: Lightweight and portable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I replace the ink cartridge?

A: Yes, the Sypen Stylus Pen uses standard ink cartridges that can be easily replaced. Simply unscrew the pen and insert a new cartridge.

Q: How long does the LED flashlight last?

A: The LED flashlight is powered by a long-lasting battery that provides hours of continuous use. It’s designed to be energy-efficient and reliable.

Q: Is the stylus compatible with all touchscreen devices?

A: Yes, the capacitive stylus works with all touchscreen devices, including smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops.


The Sypen Stylus Pen is the ultimate multi-function pen that combines a ballpoint pen, capacitive stylus, LED flashlight, and medical pen light. With its sleek design and versatile features, it’s the perfect tool for home, work, doctors, and nurses. Don’t miss out on this innovative and practical pen. Get your 12-pack of Sypen Stylus Pens today!