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Shop4Mailers 6 x 9 Glossy White Poly Bag Mailer Envelopes 1.7 Mil (1000 Pack)

Shop4Mailers 6 x 9 Glossy White Poly Bag Mailer Envelopes 1.7 Mil (1000 Pack)

Shop4Mailers 6 x 9 Glossy White Poly Bag Mailer Envelopes 1.7 Mil (1000 Pack)

Are you looking for high-quality poly bag mailer envelopes to ship your products? Look no further! Shop4Mailers offers a pack of 1000 glossy white poly bag mailer envelopes, measuring 6 x 9 inches and made of 1.7 Mil material. These envelopes are perfect for shipping and protecting various products.


Glossy White Design

The glossy white design of these poly bag mailer envelopes adds a professional touch to your shipments. It gives your packages a clean and sleek appearance, making a great impression on your customers.

Durable Material

These envelopes are made of 1.7 Mil material, which provides excellent durability and resistance to tearing. Your products will be well-protected during transit, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Secure Closure

The envelopes feature a self-sealing adhesive strip, allowing for quick and easy closure. Simply peel off the protective strip and press the flap down to seal the envelope securely. No need for additional tape or glue.


Convenient Packaging

With a pack of 1000 envelopes, you’ll have an ample supply for your shipping needs. The envelopes are neatly packed and easy to store, saving you space in your warehouse or office.

Versatile Use

These poly bag mailer envelopes are suitable for a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, books, and more. Whether you’re an online retailer or a small business owner, these envelopes are a must-have for your shipping operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I write on these envelopes?

Yes, you can easily write on these glossy white poly bag mailer envelopes with a permanent marker or pen. The smooth surface allows for clear and legible writing.

2. Are these envelopes waterproof?

While these envelopes are not completely waterproof, they do offer some level of water resistance. They can withstand light moisture and protect your products from minor spills or rain during transit.

3. Can I use these envelopes for international shipping?

Yes, these envelopes are suitable for both domestic and international shipping. However, please check with your shipping carrier for any specific requirements or restrictions.


Shop4Mailers 6 x 9 Glossy White Poly Bag Mailer Envelopes 1.7 Mil (1000 Pack) are the perfect solution for your shipping needs. With their glossy white design, durable material, and secure closure, these envelopes provide both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re shipping clothing, accessories, or books, these envelopes will ensure your products arrive safely and in style. Order your pack of 1000 today and elevate your shipping game!