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Loft 25庐 | Faux Leather Folding Gymnastics Training Balance Beam

Loft 25庐 | Faux Leather Folding Gymnastics Training Balance Beam

Loft 25庐 | Faux Leather Folding Gymnastics Training Balance Beam

Got a budding gymnast at home?

Imagine purchasing a 7ft long pink gymnastics beam that’s foldable and easy to store away. You no longer need to worry about where to put it when it’s not in use or whether it’s taking up too much space in your home. Simply fold it in half and put it in a storing cupboard or under the stairs.

Do you have a child who is obsessed with practising their cartwheels, handstands and donkey kicks? You’re probably going to need a safe place to allow them to hone their new skills. And what’s better than practising in your own home? Purchasing our popular pink gymnastics beam means you won’t need to worry about your child’s safety in school or in gymnastics club. Practising their routines at home ensures that you’ll be able to keep an eye on them too. They don’t even need to practise at home, you can fold it up and take it somewhere else! Plus, the material is faux leather and you can easily clean it with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. That also means it’s suitable to use outdoors too, just make sure you use a gymnastics mat underneath for added safety.

Why You Need to Purchase?

  • Use it indoors and outdoors
  • Foldable and easy to store away
  • Stainless steel feet and hinges for durability
  • Our gymnastics beams are manufactured by Loft 25 in the UK and it’s suitable for beginners.

Home Gymnastic Practice

This foldable gymnastics balance faux leather beam is strong, sturdy, practical and reliable. Allowing kids to use this for training and practice either at home or outdoors.

Ideal for Children

Suitable for children ages from 3 years and above, great for all levels. A practical piece of home training equipment which develops hand-eye coordination, increases focus and attention.

Safe and Easy to Store

When opened, the length of the beam measures approximately 2.1 meters, width: 10cm (international standard). The working height of this beam is 6.5cm from the ground making it safe for children.

Designed to Last

Designed and manufactured in the UK with a durable faux leather cover with a wooden base which is foam topped for comfort, with stainless steel feet and covered soft-close steel hinges.

Practical and Versatile

A must-have piece of training equipment in any home, great for general fitness and core training as well as practicing many moves like cartwheels, back-flips, handstands, jumps, and leaps.