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EVS Sports AS14 Ankle Stabilizer (Large)

EVS Sports AS14 Ankle Stabilizer (Large)

EVS Sports AS14 Ankle Stabilizer (Large)

Are you tired of ankle injuries hindering your sports performance? Look no further than the EVS Sports AS14 Ankle Stabilizer (Large). This innovative product is designed to provide optimal support and protection for your ankles, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about potential injuries.


1. Adjustable Straps

The AS14 Ankle Stabilizer features adjustable straps that allow you to customize the level of support according to your needs. Whether you prefer a tight fit for maximum stability or a looser fit for added comfort, this product has got you covered.

2. Breathable Material

Made from high-quality breathable material, this ankle stabilizer ensures proper ventilation and prevents excessive sweating. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by sweaty and smelly feet during intense sports activities.

3. Reinforced Support

The AS14 Ankle Stabilizer is equipped with reinforced support on both sides, providing enhanced stability and preventing excessive ankle movement. This feature is especially beneficial for athletes who engage in high-impact sports such as basketball, soccer, or running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wear the AS14 Ankle Stabilizer with my shoes?

A: Yes, the AS14 Ankle Stabilizer is designed to be worn with most types of shoes. Its slim profile allows for easy fitting inside your sports shoes without compromising comfort.

Q: Is this product suitable for people with ankle injuries?

A: While the AS14 Ankle Stabilizer provides excellent support, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a pre-existing ankle injury. They can provide personalized advice based on your specific condition.

Q: Can I wash the AS14 Ankle Stabilizer?

A: Yes, the AS14 Ankle Stabilizer is machine washable. Simply follow the instructions on the care label to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.


The EVS Sports AS14 Ankle Stabilizer (Large) is a game-changer for athletes and sports enthusiasts. With its adjustable straps, breathable material, and reinforced support, it offers the perfect balance of comfort and stability. Don’t let ankle injuries hold you back – invest in the AS14 Ankle Stabilizer and take your sports performance to new heights!