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Beta 4460060 Chrome-Steel Tap & Die Metric Thread M2-M18 Assortment

Beta 4460060 Chrome-Steel Tap & Die, Metric Thread, M2-M18 Assortment


Beta is a brand that prioritizes not only the appearance but also the performance of its products. Their tools are designed with safety, strength, and ease of use in mind. The design process focuses on functionality, which then leads to the overall appearance of the tool. Beta constantly reviews and improves the design of their products, ensuring the highest quality for professional mechanics and hobbyists alike.

Product Description

The Beta 4460060 Chrome-Steel Tap & Die assortment is a must-have for any car repair job. This set includes metric thread taps and dies, ranging from M2 to M18. The taps and dies are made from chrome-steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The set also comes with accessories, all neatly organized in a wooden case for easy storage and transportation.


– Made from chrome-steel for strength and durability
– Metric thread taps and dies, M2 to M18
– Accessories included for added convenience
– Wooden case for organized storage and portability


– High-quality tools for professional mechanics and hobbyists
– Versatile assortment for various car repair jobs
– Durable materials ensure long-lasting performance
– Easy storage and transportation with the wooden case

Box Contains

– 1x Beta 446 /C110-110PCS 430-433-440 WOODEN CASE
– Generic item, Taps and dies, Certified Tool
– See more product details

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this assortment be used for other applications besides car repair?
– Yes, the metric thread taps and dies can be used for various projects that require metric threading.

2. Is the wooden case sturdy enough for heavy-duty use?
– The wooden case is designed to withstand regular use and transportation, ensuring the tools remain protected.

3. Are the taps and dies certified for quality?
– Yes, the Beta 4460060 assortment is a certified tool, guaranteeing its quality and performance.


The Beta 4460060 Chrome-Steel Tap & Die assortment is a reliable and versatile set of tools for car repair jobs and other projects that require metric threading. With its durable chrome-steel construction and convenient wooden case, this assortment is a valuable addition to any mechanic’s toolbox. Trust Beta for excellent performance and quality in every tool they produce.